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2018 FIFA Bag Display Stand

Mar 13, 2020

2018 FIFA Bag Display Stand

In December 2017, a backpacking company in Hong Kong searched our company for information on the Internet and learned that we are a very professional cardboard display shelf manufacturer in Guangdong. We are delighted to send inquiries and put a backpack display stand on the terminal. Store promotion. This is what our company is good at. Through email and telephone, we communicated well with our customers and fully understood the requirements and expectations of our customers. Our 9 years of experience in designing our designers provided 3 solutions to our customers. The final customers chose double-sided hooks. This bag display stand will be used for 2018 Russia FIFA promotion.

At the same time, they raised their concerns: because the backpack display rack is heavy, the hook cannot bear the weight. Our designers and salesmen first proposed an improvement plan after the research. The hook can not bear the weight, it is related to the material of the hook itself, and it is also related to the load-bearing backboard. In view of the number of backpacks put in place, we changed the plastic hooks into hard metal hooks, the materials of the load-bearing backboards were replaced with more environmentally-friendly and hard MDF boards, and the two sides were fixed with plastic screws to make the whole display stand more stereoscopic. compact. Although the price has increased, the customer still agrees with our plan.

The whole promotional effect of the paper display rack needs to match the color and style of the product itself to complement each other. Our company recommends that the display screen highlight the distinctive features of the theme, and the simple and elegant style. After the completion of the 2 day time model, the effect was very successful. After receiving the sample, the customer was very happy, and proposed some details to modify it. He also told that the display stand needs to be loaded with a backpack and a three-dimensional outer box for export to the United States. Our company will provide the final sample again free of charge and send it to the United States for confirmation to the end customer. After half a month, 1000 sets of orders were completed. The customer sent a photo showing the store in the store and thanked us for the professionalism and efficiency!