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Acrylic Display Rack And Ordinary Display Rack Difference

Sep 19, 2019

Hardness will directly affect the plank shorten the winding deformation, machining cracked appearance will appear when the hardness is judged acrylic plate rigid target of quality imported raw materials casting acrylic board with the current domestic products of the highest hardness equal target average around 89 degrees rockwell hardness value public servants: the thickness of plate thickness control of public service is one of the important performance quality is dealt with and production skills of imported raw materials casting acrylic plate thickness control public service within + 0.2 mm.

Transparency/whiteness: choose hard material with advanced modern production technology and the formula to follow up production, ensure transparency of the plate is admirable and pure white flame after polishing crystal clear acrylic display rack advantage acrylic transparent luster, especially in show watch cosmetics in high-end products, such as electronic products appears dignified atmosphere.

Acrylic display frame design is very much, there are floor type desktop hanging rotary type;Very wide use, can be used to watch show cosmetics show jewelry show, according to customer needs to plan production, to meet the needs of different stores different placement position acrylic display frame rugged and durable, long life, low production cost acrylic display frame assembled agile brief, convenient disassembly, easy to transport.


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