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Analysis On The Development Of Packaging Industry In 2018

May 18, 2019

Paper packaging is the largest category of packaging industry. According to packaging materials, packaging products include paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging and cork packaging. With the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight, foldable, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, paper packaging is currently the most widely used packaging material in the market. In 2017, the "paper and cardboard container manufacturing" industry achieved a total revenue of 331.087 billion yuan from its main business, accounting for 28.25% of the total revenue from its main business in the national packaging industry, up 12.6% year on year, ranking the highest among all packaging material sub-industries.

Paper packaging industry market concentration is still greater room for improvement. Because the industry access threshold is low, the paper packaging market is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years because of the country's reform and stricter environmental policy supply, combined with the upstream record-keeping surged in 2017, part of the bargaining power is not strong in the paper, small and medium enterprises are influenced by this round of rising costs and closed, limitation above paper number decreased from 2005 in 4150 to 2017, 2312, the paper presents concentration ascending trend market as a whole. However, at present, the market share of the top four domestic paper packaging enterprises (according to the revenue of paper packaging business in 2017, they are yutong technology, hexing packaging, jina shares and meisin) is still less than 6%, which is significantly lower than that of the United States (CR5 over 70%) and Australia (CR2 about 90%) and other developed economies.