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Application Of Various Papers

Jan 13, 2020

1. Single copper paper: Single copper paper belongs to pure wood pulp paper. Single copper paper is thick and has high bending flexibility. Generally, it is not used as a face paper, but the customer requires convexity and feel feel. Difficult to purchase) single copper paper. Commonly used for handbag printing, usually 230 grams and 250 grams, 300 grams can also be used, but because of the thickness of the paper, it is not easy to fold, unless the customer specifically requests, generally not used.

2. Double copper paper: Double copper paper belongs to pure wood pulp paper. Generally, 157 grams of double copper paper are used. Four-color printing can be printed in special colors. It can be raised, but not obvious. Screen printing. If the protrusion is obvious, you can choose 200 g coated paper. Those requiring double-sided printing are commonly known as double-sided copper plates, which are often used for gifts that require double-sided printing, such as gift boxes and cartons.

3. Gold and silver cardboard: 250 and 300 grams of white paper are commonly used as paper for gold and silver cardboard. Coated paper and white cardboard can also be used for gold and silver cardboard. Laser paper is a type of gold and silver card. Gold cardboard is divided into aluminum coated gold card and aluminum foil gold card. Aluminum film gold card is mainly for screen printing; if offset printing, aluminum foil gold card is generally used. After offset printing, a layer of film is applied.

4. Special paper: gift boxes are usually 120 grams. Special paper is generally not easy to print due to surface treatment, but the surface is smooth and can be printed. Special paper is susceptible to moisture in the air, and it is easy to be ruffled. Therefore, the waste rate of printed paper is 30-50 sheets per impression. Special paper has poor elasticity, great brittleness, and cannot be coated. When combined with MDF, it is easy to cause cracks at the edges.

5. White board paper: white board paper is a certain proportion of wood pulp paper, coated with a layer of white powder on the surface of the paper, common single-sided white board (one side white and gray) and double-sided white board (both sides of the paper are white The weight range is between 250 grams and 400 grams, which is increased by 50 grams. Single-sided whiteboard is often used for making gift boxes and clothing paper bags, and double-sided whiteboard is often used for flip gift boxes, shirt boxes and handbags. Production. Price is lower than white card.

6. Double-adhesive paper: mainly used for book printing, mainly used for lining paper on high-end gift boxes, and the weight is generally between 50 grams and 120 grams. The company's commonly used double adhesive tape is generally about 80 grams.

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