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Producing Cardboard Pallet Display Stands Need To Pay Attention

Oct 25, 2019

The cardboard pallet display stands need to pay attention to the design process. Different products can be used with different paper stack shapes. Please refer to some of the following cases:

1. According to the characteristics of the product, the shape of the paper stack is selected. The shape of the paper stack is reminiscent of the goods displayed on the pile head, such as the dragon-shaped dumpling paper stack, which is reminded of the Dragon Boat Festival from the Dragon Boat Festival. The festival reminds people of eating scorpions and promoting the sale of goods. If you make Coca-Cola into the shape of a dragon boat, you will be laughted at.

2. In order to increase the expressiveness of the product, the shape of the the cardboard pallet display stand is selected according to the shape of the product, such as the Coca-Cola pile head is cylindrical, the purpose of which is to maximize the shape of the Coca-Cola cylindrical shape, attracting attention, and enhancing Customer's impression of cola, thereby promoting sales

3. Adding one or two special paper stacks in the middle of a square stack can enhance the activity of the store, but the position of the stack must be placed in the middle of the front of the stack. This is coordinated with the surrounding stack.

4. Every effort is for sales, to promote sales, not too fancy.

5. The shape of the cardboard pallet display stand is also taken into account, including labor costs and material costs.


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