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Display Customized Service Process

Sep 25, 2019

In terms of delivery, because of paper shelves iron may not like wood, it can lay flat stacked shipped, save a lot of capital to transport logistics, repeatable utilization, sellers and end use, put back part is convenient, the hob, is one 5 of the price of the wooden frame, made capital cheap paper shelves in addition to the traditional function, with a fresh face.Can be printed on the above exquisite pictures, relying on its novel pictures, bright colors, common ideas and other ways to attract the attention of customers.

Stop it and take a liking to the product in the advertisement.Paper shelves that are distinctive and distinctive can often have unexpected effects.In the supermarket, when consumers are faced with many products and do not know how to start, put an excellent paper shelf around the products, faithfully and continuously supply product information to consumers, play to attract consumers and promote the effect of buying decision.And then you get higher sales.

Traditional display are made by wood and iron, shelf blundering and single mechanical comparison, traditional heavy shelves, in terms of transfer is not convenient, consumes a lot of human weakness wit, traditional shelf is larger, more than the local area, the serious influence the quantity of goods put sales and design also came to help process: customer supply paper shelf, paper display, such as the requirements of the product's fundamental dimension number of pictures, etc. We supply products according to the customer data, on the basis of detailed requirements.