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Exhibition Display Stand To Make Your Products Stand Out

Oct 31, 2019

Exhibition Display Stand To Make Your Products Stand Out

In the peak season of the exhibition, many merchants have already prepared for this year's exhibition. How to stand out with their own products in such a fierce competition? WOW will answer you.

According to the relevant data, the number of exhibitions and exhibitions has been increasing steadily. In 2012, the number of exhibitions in China exceeded 3,000, and there were over 800 exhibitions abroad. More than 5 million exhibitors and nearly 20 million professional visitors. There are more than 5,000 festivals and hundreds of millions of participants. This is just statistics from four years ago, not to mention four years later. Such huge data all indicate a phenomenon, and the exhibition is becoming more and more popular. For the merchants, the competition is unprecedented.

Therefore, merchants are trying their best to attract the attention of the audience. Let's take a look at the wonderful marketing methods of the merchants. Entering the exhibition hall, the world's largest two-dimensional code cake, covering an area of 36 square meters, 3 tons, using 750 kilograms of milk, 730 kilograms of cheese, ... by 25 cake makers took 10 hours to complete, a total of 20,000 Pieces of cakes are put together, facing such a huge and fragrant two-dimensional code, it is difficult to think about it! In the modern exhibition hall, there are merchants who do not take the usual path and play through. The exhibition halls all adopt the appearance of the Qing Dynasty palace. The glass enamel and the dragon chair are all exquisite and exquisite, and their image is endorsing people. Even wearing a costume, stunning the entire exhibition.

At the show, the audiences of the marketing methods of the traders were dazzled. Let’s take a look at the special business below. As soon as we entered the exhibition hall, a book of fragrance came on the scene. In the modern exhibition, there is a feeling of being relaxed from the city to the suburbs. The so-called big hidden in the city.

The merchant is showing a notebook. The advertising vehicle used to display the notebook is the paper shelf. From the above photos, it is not difficult to see that the merchant's products are very distinctive. Not only the colors are bright, but also the style is unique. It only needs to be well publicized and everything is in order. So at that time, the customer found our WOW show and told us that they will soon be ready to exhibit, and we need to provide solutions. The engineering department of WOW immediately started the discussion meeting and made two proposals. We treat each guest with a professional spirit of twelve points, tailored to the products of their customers, the "silent salesman".

So how can we stand out in the highly competitive exhibitions. The answer is already in full swing. WOW Display will be your strong backing for the exhibition!