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High-grade Show What Material Can Be Chosen To Make?

Nov 07, 2019

High-end display materials choice towards well-made plate, at the same time depending on the display is to present the effect to choose the proper process such as acrylic display rack, acrylic is the choice of a university asked, acrylic extrusion board and casting plate price is not the same, because the extrusion plate is made of recycled acrylic waste processing, its high transparency without casting board if you reverse framed product posters on the transparent acrylic board, it can be more clearly distinguishes two boards light transmittance and brightness.



Usually choose according to you want to show the products to display materials is a factor reflects show advanced or not, reveal frame and the product is, in fact, the achievements of each other, for example, high-grade small goods use show is mesa design small reveal frame, more can choose acrylic PETG material to do, to be high-grade wine will very pay attention to the detail processing, stick it there can be no bubbles, glue not overflow;And the high-grade wine such as wine whisky brandy regular meeting chooses real wood to do show frame, the simple sense of solid wood honest years precipitation and the grade photograph echo of wine