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How To Maintain Paper Display Stand?Moisture Is Key

Mar 03, 2020

1, Paper display shelf is made of paper, so moisture-proof is the key to maintain, when the paper display shelf will become soft deformation, this is the most fatal injury.Because this paper shows a shelf to put when cannot lean on fresh area, also cannot close to the place that has air conditioning to place.Paper display stand is affected with damp, should be promptly wiped with cloth, lest seep into the paper to go.

2. Don't overload the paper display rack in the use process.Paper display frame has its maximum load, in its design has been doomed, so in the use of the process do not force the load, to avoid deformation, rupture and other situations.

3. During the use of paper display shelves, it is strictly prohibited to put super wide goods, which will cause damage to the paper display shelves to a certain extent. The size of products has been determined by the design time.

4,Paper display shelves in the store has been placed on the goods, should not be moved to move, such as the need to move the goods to take down or below the level of things, and then the industry flat movement.Handle with care to avoid collision.

5. Clean regularly.Only the appearance of neat and clean paper display shelves to attract more consumers.