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Kit Kat Chocolate Display Stand

Nov 07, 2019

Kit Kat Chocolate Display Stand

According to the records of the Qing Dynasty, in the 44th year of Emperor Kangxi (AD 1705), chocolate was brought into China by Western missionaries.

However, the chocolate at that time was still cocoa powder, which was mixed with water and sugar to make it into a liquid beverage.

Which Chinese people had the first cup of chocolate at that time?

The answer is not hard to guess.

Even in the West, chocolate is also a court food, and ordinary people simply can't care.

Therefore, it was the emperor of the time - Kangxi became the first person in China to enjoy chocolate.

Today, chocolate is a candy food that is readily available, and the silky and soft taste is loved by people all over the world.

A large supermarket like Wal-Mart Carrefour will surely set aside a space for chocolates to place chocolates of various star brands.

How do so many brands come together to stand out? Kit Kat gave his own answer.

Kit Kat was originally the home of the British company Rowntree. The history of this strip of chocolate can be traced back to 1935, its first ad word "Have a break. Have a KitKat (easy moment, Kit Kat moment) "Still in use. Kit Kat is the number one chocolate in the UK. Someone has done statistics: Every 5 minutes, the output of Kit Kat can be piled up into a Eiffel Tower, and the output of the day can fill the entire British subway! After the Kit Kat brand was selected by Nestlé, the third largest chocolate market in the world, it became the brightest chocolate brand under Nestlé.

Although the Qiaoqiao chocolate has a high status, it will be surpassed if it is accidentally, and it has to be spent on packaging and display. Therefore, a display barrel of composite material was customized.

On the outside, the display bucket is a strip of chocolate that has been torn from the wrapper. The realistic three-dimensional effect is like the chocolate itself, with a brown "original" and a white "milk flavor".

In fact, tearing the wrapping paper is a wonderful process of psychological enjoyment. This kind of sabotage tears the mystery of the product, allowing consumers to see the real products in advance and evoke the desire of consumers to buy.

Because the display bucket can be customized according to the volume of the product, it is most suitable for the use of biscuit candy in bulk.

In addition, Kit Kat designed the display bucket with the original intention: to make consumers feel busy and enjoy a relaxed moment with a mouth-watering appeal.