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Michelin Totem Lama Display With Sound Box

May 17, 2019

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Recently, we made a totem lama display for Michelin Company. The display is very special.

Client told us that the totem lama display will be used for fair and he wanted the display to be speakable.

Then I thought that maybe we can add a pocket on the display and put the sound box inside. So I told him my ideas and finally he agreed to do so.

Introdution of Totem Lama Display With Sound Box

It is consist of totem lama display and sound box.

Totem Lama Display is a promotional tool made with cardboard. It is mainly used for advertisment or promotion of company or products during trade fair or press launch. Traditionally, totem lama display has no sound box or video screen. It's only acting in terms of vision.

This time we combined vision and audition and came to a new design. There is a memory card inside the sound box. So users can put music or slogan inside then the totem lama display is speakable and more attractive.


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Kathy Ni


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