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Our Company Overview And Trade Capacity

Aug 09, 2019

Our Company Introduce:

Founded in 2009, JC POP Display is an enthusiastic company dedicated to provide innovative Cardboard POP displays for customers.

JC POP Display is both the designer & manufacturer controlling the entire processes in-house, we paying efforts on every procedure of production to make sure all the products are under the finest quality. As a company committed to nature and conservation, we proactively strive to be as environmentally friendly and ethically responsible as possible. Our devotion to high quality has earned us a reputation for having exemplary products that exceed industry standards. Our unique design products have garnered the praise and endorsement in the world including Fortune 500 companies and national retailers like Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Disney, Vodafone, Max Factor, Nivea, Nerf etc. We are confident that our services will surpass your expectations.

We never stop finding better ways to catalyze client’s sales. Whether you are a start-up company looking for your first store display, or a large retailer looking for a experienced partner with years of in-store expertise, JC POP Display now is at your service to build your brand and elevate your product’s value. Our commission is: to be the benchmark of industry and to grow with customers.


We have Kongsberg XP Auto series CNC cutting machine is a multi-function cutting machine that meets customers' continuous and high-speed production requirements, and can be used for cutting various packaging and display materials. The Kongsberg XP Auto is designed to truly meet the 24/7 material cutting production requirements. It also has a long tradition of 40 years and reliable CAM equipment. The new XP Auto series is built on Kongsberg's precision mechanical design standards to ensure stable, durable use.

Trade Capacity: