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Paper Display As Cosmetics Display Advantages

Mar 19, 2020

1.Convenient: cosmetics terminal display needs to be done, in choosing the similar display equipment, the paper displays the lightest, smallest detachable fold, a complete set of paper shelves can be installed, in the same box, ensure that stores the convenience of installation on the freight, it has the incomparable advantage, with carton paper display founder packing standard compartment, can maximize the use of space, not cause waste space saving logistics cost, to reduce the mutual collision damage caused by irregular cosmetics, ensure the integrity of the product is nice, not more on warehousing, should be easy to move.

2.Flexible personality: with the accelerating trend of cosmetic update, loading the tools they are updated so paper show the characteristics of flexibility and great personality, can according to the product tailored, protean take flexible, cleverly mix can also, with the permission of the technology of educational development, create new style cosmetics, freedom is strong.

3.Green environmental protection: paper display is accord with the requirement of international environmental protection organization, belongs to the green environmental protection product, waste paper display rack can be recycle dissolving pulp reconstruction, the international trend, exempted from inspection of import and export, simplify procedures, cosmetics also pursue the green environmental protection, the concept of harmony between man and nature, so cosmetics use paper display conform to the needs of the development of The Times.


4.Advertising: paper display shelf advertising value if marketing is a language art!Then through the media to spread information, that is visual art!Medium of getting your message across to the most intuitive visual information to consumers is POP advertising tools paper display on the surface of paper display rack can be designed in accordance with cosmetics personality copywriting and slogan, exquisitely printed in paper display rack, to reveal their charm of cosmetics, play a roll of purpose, namely the POP advertising benefits paper can show the publicity in the terminal building cosmetics brand, improve the corporate image, and can create very high sales.

5.Quality is superior and cheap: the value that paper shows a frame and congener metal shows a frame of ligneous show a frame to compare, its action and show an effect are equal or better, and can with other material material organic cooperate to use, but the product of congener material material is far lower on the price however.