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Paper display rack have more advantages than general display rack In practical use

Sep 04, 2019

image Environmental Protection :

The cardboard display rack conforms to the requirements of environmental protection concept around the world, which is one of the green products.The paper display stand can be decomposed or recycled, which fully conforms to the trend of environmental protection in various countries.Moreover, the green product also simplifies the process of export and import, avoiding the import and export inspection process like other materials.


image High quality and Resonable Price : 

The paper display rack is equal to the metal display rack, wooden display rack, glass display rack and so on in terms of use, but its flexible structural function and display publicity effect is better than other materials display rack, and the price is more advantageous than other materials display rack.


image Flexible and personalize :

The paper display rack can adapt to the current trend of rapid product change.The paper display rack can be customized according to the product's size, pattern, structure and so on.And the paper display shelf's excellent publicity effect can show the unique side of the product.


image Advertising function :

Paper display stands have great advertising value.In the process of sales, excellent publicity ability of display rack is an important medium to impress customers with products.An excellent paper display rack can open up a larger user base for the company's products.


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