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The Biggest Misunderstanding In Purchasing Paper Shelves

Sep 20, 2019

In recent years, paper shelves have been applied more and more in products display in shopping malls, paper shelves have greater economic advantages and transportation advantages than the traditional iron shelves and wooden display racks, but some customers have a big misunderstanding in the purchase of paper shelves. So what it is ?

Can't be denied, paper shelves are cheap.Paper shelf has the advantage of great economic convenience,but that is set up on the premise of large quantity, that means  when a single order quantity is larger, the unit price is very cheap.If the quantity is very few, for example makes only a few shelves , the price advantage of paper shelf disappears completely.Compared to the iron shelf and wooden shelf price advantage is not existence.Why is this ? Because the production of paper shelf needs printing process, printing process needs to produce film, ps board, boot cost, etc.

For example, a traditional landing type  paper shelf, first brand, left and right side plate, bottom box four page printing machine, only boot cost is not less than 3000 yuan.And mould cost is also not fewer than 2000 yuan, add up these together, if make 20pcs, don't caculate labor cost and material cost, only mould cost apportion is 250 yuan one set, if combined with  labor cost , material cost, packaging cost and so on , one set will be about 300-400 yuan, and the price of the same size iron display rack is only about 200-300yuan , so customers who don't understand the manufacturing process will cry out, why is the paper shelf more expensive than the iron shelf?


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