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The Difference Between Paper Shelves And Traditional Shelves

Sep 10, 2019

The paper shelves are made of printing paper combined with high strength corrugated paper, plus some POP auxiliary parts, enough to carry the display goods.It is used in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions and other commercial places of any business form to attract customers, promote products and inform new products.At the same time, to improve the image of goods and enterprise visibility for enterprises.


In terms of transportation, because the paper shelves are not like wood or iron, it can be spread out and stacked for shipping, save a lot of transport logistics costs, can be used repeatedly, and the seller used out, abandoned recycling department is convenient, tt is one-fifth the price of iron frame and wooden frame, and the manufacturing cost is low !


In addition to the traditional shelf function, paper shelves can be printed with exquisite patterns.In the supermarket, when consumers are confronted with many commodities and have no way to start, the paper shelves placed around the commodities attract customers' attention by virtue of their novel patterns, gorgeous colors, unique ideas and other forms, and faithfully and continuously provide consumers with commodity information, which plays a role in attracting consumers and promoting their purchasing determination.So as to achieve higher sales.


And the traditional shelves are made of iron and wood, the shelves are bulky, rigid, single, the traditional shelves are heavier, in the handling aspect is not convenient, cost a lot of manpower, weak, talent.At the same time, the traditional shelves are relatively large, occupy a large area, seriously affect the amount of goods placed and style.Sales have also fallen. 


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