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The Function Of Cosmetics Display Rack

Dec 06, 2019
  1. Eye-catching: in order to attract consumers and facilitate them to visit and purchase, retail stores should flexibly choose the display location, display space, display location and stacking method of cosmetics according to the characteristics of cosmetics, so as to make customers clear at a glance.

2. Explanation: all kinds of explanatory materials of cosmetics display cabinet, such as price, article number, fabric, brand and origin, should be comprehensive and true, so that consumers can have a comprehensive understanding of cosmetics display cabinet.

3. Artistic beauty: the display of the cosmetics display cabinet shall, on the premise of maintaining the independent aesthetic feeling of cosmetics, make the cosmetics cleverly arranged through artistic modeling, reflect each other and achieve the artistic effect of the overall beauty.The display method should be novel, unique, ingenious and have an irresistible attraction to consumers.Pay attention to certain aesthetic principle, beautiful, easy, symmetrical, harmonious, still can appropriately use a few adorn article to wait, use artistic gimmick to show the beauty of cosmetics adequately.

4, rich sense: cosmetics belong to the choose and buy goods, consumers hope to have more choices when buying, so as to its quality, style, color, price seriously comparison.In the display of cosmetics orderly, complete, rich, so that consumers feel a large choice, and, there is a feeling of prosperity in the store.

5, rationalization: according to the psychological requirements of consumers and shopping habits, for the same variety or the same series of cosmetics display cabinets should be displayed in the same location.Display height should be appropriate, easy for consumers to see and feel, improve the visibility of cosmetics and positive visual effects.