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The Influential Factors On Display Rack Customization Price

Aug 28, 2019

When the display rack is customized, the price is quoted directly by the factory. For customers, how to evaluate whether the display rack price is reasonable or not? What are the factors that constitute the display rack price?

● First, the impact of cost on display rack price.

Cost is the most important factor.The cost here mainly refers to labor cost and material cost of display rack.With the rise of the current economic level, the proportion of labor cost in the production of enterprises is increasing.In terms of materials, different drawing sizes and material requirements require different display racks to make structural materials, and the difference between materials also leads to the difference in the price of finished products.

● Second,  the impact of packaging on the display shelf price

The cost factors that affect the price of display rack mainly include packaging cost and transportation cost.When packaging display rack, workers are very time-consuming and laborious.If there are special requirements for the packaging of display rack, the price will become more expensive.

● Three,  the impact of display shelf quantity on display shelf price

The larger the production quantity of the same display rack, the cheaper it will be to purchase the material of the display rack. Therefore, the more display racks the customer needs, the cheaper the relative price will be.

● Four, the impact of customization on display rack price

The display rack is customized for customers, which will increase the personnel cost. Many experienced appearance designers and structural designers are required to cut different molds during production, which will increase some costs.

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