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We Have Not Cooperated Before, How Can We Believe Your Finished Product Can Meet Our Requirements?

Sep 26, 2019

Is your packing color boxes satisfactory to us? 

In fact, every new cooperation customer will exist this concern, to solve this doubt, we must explain our work process: preliminary communication  (Know the basics information) —— Design Planning (positioning, planning) —— Designing Scheme (design artwork) —— Confirm Design —— Design Proofing (design into real samples) —— Confirm Sample Box (determine the acceptance standard) —— According To The Sample Production Customized (according to the standard acceptance products) —— Shipments.

If there is a dispute, it is because the cooperation is not carried out according to reasonable procedures and there is no clear product standard, which leads to different opinions. If we can make every link has foundation and standard, then according to the standard acceptance can completely eliminate this phenomenon, solve customers' doubts.We must make a sample for each packing color box order of our customer. Only after the sample box is confirmed and approved by the customer, we can make customized production. In the production process, we finish each process strictly according to the standard of the sample box.Therefore, for so many years, customers are very satisfied with our packaging color box customized cooperation, cooperation is very close degree.

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