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What Are The Different Types Of Display Racks

Oct 23, 2019

According to the style points depending on the style can be divided into console display, magnetic levitation reveal display, desktop reveal display, hanging reveal display, different display shelf, display theme of pile head, rotary display determine display style is mainly according to the display shelf display scenes and the specific USES, supermarket stores in the show is more common theme display pile head floor display;And mesa shows rack and rotate show rack to be used at brand counter or inside exclusive store more.

According to the material points according to different materials can be divided into paper display rack, metal display rack, organic glass frames, composites show. Titanium alloy display normally, mobile phones and other high-tech products, better with transparent or white acrylic, and fragile products such as tea cups should choose wood type of exhibition stand, at the same time can highlight the antique of products.

Different kinds of show rack have a common characteristic: show commodity, let a customer show shelf to the product at a glance because it is according to product custom-made, because this is right, article undertakes showing when more comprehensive, let people understand more thorough.