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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Buying Paper Display

Mar 13, 2020

The style orientation:

After the terminal stores market positioning, with what kind of style suits: if there is any paper display stand upright on floor decoration decoration pile head type mesa display box, they have their own special up if they can't decide, can let factory to you initiative, they is on the basis of product modeling, decoration display space, consumption group size height to design the suitable paper shelves.

Lifting capacity:

Paper shelf is not like iron or wood, paper shelf is made of paper, its carrying capacity is based on the structure characteristics, choose good materials than poor materials with strong carrying capacity paper shelf can change the structure according to the required load-bearing products to achieve the required carrying capacity price positioning.


Paper shelf, paper display price, quantity price difference is very big also, different sizes of process structure is generally not easy to buy cheap and fine products, covet is cheap to buy paper shelves must have a problem, if you want to make good of low price of paper shelves, shelves in the industry in the paper basic is impossible because of the characteristics of paper shelves, a lot of advertising printing company a cardboard-box factory and trading company to be able to help you to realize the production, just is no professional manufacturers of good quality, not enough hale, is overall regards not harmonious, surface have glue phenomenonA lot of people think of the price is cheap, in the end he won't taste, low price to buy back things, let a person scared.

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